Friday, March 9, 2012

Beginning the Journey

What is the purpose of this blog? I'm sitting here, staring at the screen, asking myself that question. I came up with the idea while looking through the notebook that I always keep with me. It's full of scattered quotations and thoughts--clever things that people have said, interesting situations, what I would like to remember. There really is a lot to be said for keeping a quote book, especially when you're young. One of my professors is fond of saying that an undergrad doesn't have an original thought in them. In two months I won't be an undergad anymore, but I hope to never stop learning, gathering quotes and thoughts and bits of wisdom from those who've gone before, who know so much more about this fascinating world than I do.

That is the purpose of this blog: from my quote book to yours. Here, I will share thoughts and sayings that have struck me or affected my life. Some will make you laugh or think or wonder. Sometimes I'll talk about them, sometimes I won't. What I most hope is that you'll find this journey as enjoyable as I have.

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