Monday, September 7, 2015

Usurpers, All

I haven't posted to this blog in quite some time, but in the last few weeks I listened to several messages by John MacArthur and Al Mohler that sparked the idea for this poem. The idea bounced around in my head for a while and I figured I should finally put it down on paper. It is my response to the recent affirmations of immorality in our country, the tragedy of "marriage equality" and the atrocities of Planned Parenthood, among other things. Please read and consider:

Usurpers, All

When Satan fell as devil and pariah
And slyly tempted Eve with godlike fame,
When Pharisees reviled their Messiah,
The lie, the desecration was the same.

From Adam’s faithless lips the fruit seeds dropped
And rooted in the newly thistled ground,
Where grew a thorn bush one day to be chopped
By Roman hands and made into a crown.

Man, who in God’s likeness was designed,
Refused to worship Him in reverent fear
But strove instead his Maker to malign,
Fashioning his idol from a mirror.

When priests and bishops dared to charge for grace
Or naturalists to mythic chance did cling
Or men, while naming Jesus, judged by race,
Each stubborn act insisted, “I am king.”

The crowds who cry for unrestricted lust
By children, faith, and gender unrestrained,
Who say that every act of man is just
And standards, of necessity, must wane,

Claim truth as that which does away with God
And love as that which best conceals their sin,
Denounce as obsolete the judgment rod,
And coronate themselves amid the din.

I watch such people, dead but unaware
And grieve for every truth that they ignore.
If left alone no better would I fare,
And but for grace, thus I would be and more.

In death, the Lord paid treason’s price for man:
Usurpers, all, rejoicing in their coup.
In life, the Lord extends a gracious hand
And offers not demise, but life anew.

You, who have been ransomed, watch and pray
And plead with men who wrestle for the throne.
Despite their vain attempts, soon comes the day
When they will see that Christ is King alone.

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