Saturday, August 4, 2012

God Everywhere

Today's quote is taken from George MacDonald's novel The Curate's Awakening. (One which has some very honest and convicting insights about the Christian life and which I'd encourage you all to read.)

"If there be a God then is he God everywhere, and not a maggot can die any more than a Shakespeare be born without him. He is either enough, that is, all in all, or he is not at all."

I appreciated this expression of God's sovereignty in everything. There is no being more worthy of our trust. The quote inspired the following poem:

God Everywhere

I see raindrops tracing patterns,
Dust motes driven by windy whims.
Dirt collects and spilled milk splatters.
The cup of petty trouble brims.

Time has watched as kingdoms crumble.
Epochs end and tyrants fade.
‘Neath gun and gale the earth has rumbled,
Stripping bare what man has made.

The falling rain has felt His fingers
Each path is chosen and puddle known.
The dust that in the sunlight lingers
Is by God Almighty sown.

The rubble of forgotten splendor,
The bastions of our present might:
In mortar His decisions rendered.
Built or broken, He chooses right.

The head bent low in grave affliction,
The joyful man with upturned face:
To God no more a contradiction
Than sovereign justice, saving grace.

In pain and laughter, life and dying
Could it be You’re just as near?
Could it be there’s grace ‘midst sighing?
Could it be that dust is dear?

The eye that looks on kings and sparrows
And watches me is all the same.
When faced with peace or devil’s arrows.
Give God the credit, but not the blame.

For, if He couldn’t craft each flower,
Or tell each fortress, “Rise or fall.”
And If He couldn’t plan each hour,
Our God would not be God at all.


  1. Thank you Allison. (And thanks to your uncle Tony for sharing this with all his Fb friends)